Interested in a dynamic Homeschool style program, led by experienced educators?

Look no further:

Transition class as young as 18 months (Music and Movement),

Preschool aged programs as young as 2 years old.

Preschool curriculum starting at 3 years old and

Full academic K through 8th Grade.


Price: $2,090.00 per month* (for top tax bracket incomes).

Our Foundation may cover up to 50% of tuition for families who Apply that are not in the top income tax braket lowering tution to ... $1,085 per month

Families in the lowest tier income, can have further assistance with custom partial scholarships based on need.

What sets us apart:

-Daily access to One on One Tutoring

-Professional Quality programing, examples of current tutors are Jennifer, PhD in Research and Statistics, Phil was the owner of a music school in Ohio for 20 years, Zhen a code writer, Xxavier, a creative and many more.

-Guest tutors with real life experience, for example a recent presentation by a local architect, applying what is typically learned in math.

-Recognized as gifted school by Mensa, Accreditation by Advanced Ed 

-No test to enter, no traditional testing

-Creative Classes


-Fluency in Spanish Achieved within one year during Preschool years, or within two years during Elementary School years

-Run by Passionate Notable Educators Maria Emilia Fermi and Brando Fermi Crawford

Call today to schedule a free consultation and introductory lesson for $28 and fulfill the only prerequisite to enter our school! (708) 524-5252--

Only 60 spots per year --- Waitlist goes into effect when capacity is met.

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